Developed Products

Solar Desalination Device

Active desalination systems usually require energy for cooling or compressing the water vapor and for the fans used to pump the water vapor through the system. Other desalination processes such as electrolysis or reverse-osmosis also require significant energy use so that the most efficient systems can only produce usable water at about three dollars per gallon. In order to support the larger requirements of agriculture and household use, energy efficiency must get to where water is cheaper than 0.50 US dollars per gallon.

This device is a solar desalination array for heating sea water into steam for the production of usable water and power generation. The heating columns normally operate in parallel and are heated by cylindrical mirrors which concentrate sunlight on each heating column. The heated sea water is either turned to steam and ejected out of the heating column or passed on to another heating column for further heating (and then ejection). When the water vapor is ejected from a column the system generates power, or pressure builds in the array and is used to power an external turbine with the steam. In either case, the use of the steam for power generation cools the vapor by decompression. Further decompression or cooling can be done in a cooling tank or in a compressor powered by the turbine so that fresh drinkable water is produced.

US Patent Application 2018/0169541


Keyboard Input Method and Device

A novel mapping of characters to a three-by-three keyboard such that all ASCII characters can be represented and entered within two or three key strokes. The entry requires no pauses, breaks or escapes to finalize a key. Rather entry is initiated by selecting one key mapped to a number of characters and then using another key to directionally select amongst the number of characters mapped to the initial key. For the numbers and letters of an ASCII key set, this results in two key presses for the numbers, letters, and punctuation. This compact, quick entry method for the standard full key set would be particularly advantageous for alarm code entry and handicap (one hand) typing. The three-by-three keyboard can be expanded by satellite keyboards which function on the same method and enable larger key sets like (PC-104).

US Patent Application 2019/0235639