+ Financial Services

Pricing Niche Insurance Products (Supply Chains, Cybersecurity Breach, Travel Insurance, Transaction Insurance, and Product Liability)

Evaluating Risk Factors of Bond Portfolios (Analysis of single points of failure or under-diversification)

Merger Risk Evaluation

Credit Rating and Evaluation of Financial Risk (Scenario-based risk and default risk)

Niche Pricing Models (Intellectual Property, Unmarketed Products)

+ Data Analysis and Collection Services

Collection and Formatting of Public Information and Dark Data

Survey Design, Implementation, and Sampling (Market Research, Court Evidence, and Product Development)

Specialized data analysis algorithms (Real-time business analytics, Manufacturing process monitoring, Integration of specialized sensor hardware)

Data-Based Public Policy Research


+ Engineering Consulting Services

Structural Risk Analysis, Compound Failure Risk Analysis, and System Testing

Information Technology System Design

Fundamental Research and Development (Science, Engineering, and Software)

Multi-disciplinary Integrated Systems (Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Optics, Airborne Systems, and System Safety)

Embedded Device Engineering (Software, Algorithms, Circuit Design and Fabrication, and Custom Packaging)

Scientific Data and Research Quality Control (Experimental Design, Instrumentation, and Data Processing)

Prototype Development (Composites and Additive Processes)

Product Tracking and Authentication Systems (Anti-counterfeiting, Process Control, and Automation)

+ Management Consulting and Risk Analysis Services

Business Risk Assessment (Broad-Based Red Team Analysis, Market and Expansion Risk, Business Strategy)

Rare Event Risk (Weather, Fire, War, Hyper-inflation, Commodity Shortages, and Political shifts)

Business Strategy Adjustment (Outside director)

Business Process Audits

Product Testing, Quality Control, and Sampling